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Confetti Cast

Get To Know The Colorway Cast

Explore the fun-filled party that is speckles on yarn. Every colorway has a musical theme.

I mean, Music and Speckles...what better way to have fun with yarn?!

It's My Party

Rainbows and speckles?! Yes, Please! This skein is peppered with the rainbow to give you fun little clips of color throughout.

Winter Winds Littered London

My favorite line from my favorite song from one of my favorite bands. I had to include it in this series.

Like A Virgin

This song is iconic of the 80s. The color itself is the brainchild of a fellow yarnie and friend. As soon as she knits the sweater with it, I promise I'll post it in the gallery.

The sun has only just set, the evening sky is alight with a multitude of colors, the waves are gently crashing upon the sand. Can you see it? I can even smell the salty air. Pure Delight!

Like A Virgin

Purple Rain

Various shades of purple speckles and pictured here on a gold sparkled yarn...could I really name it anything else?! I absolutely love this speckled yarn. 

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