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Our Solid Cast

Get To Know The Colorway Cast

Explore the solid colors that bring life to any project. They are perfect as stand alone colors, or in combination with many of our other yarns. I hope you have as much fun working with them as I've had dying them.

Dragon Fruit

This beautifully vibrant color is the request of a friend. Its fun and a perfect color to blend with others, or use by itself and really stand out.

Siren's Call

I love the vibrant color of this true red. I created it to go with the Like a Virgin Confetti Line as a request from a customer. I loved it so much, I decided to add it to the cast.

Coral Gables

My husband's grandmother reminded me so much of my own grandmother that I miss so much. Grammy Ruth was from Coral Gables in Miami, FL, and coral just happened to be her favorite color. This beautiful color is a perfect way to remember and honor her.

Electric Shock

A neon to add to the mix, there will be more to come.

Don't Be Jealous

This color was an accident. I was working on Aqua Luna and my proportions were off. But, this color is just so fantastic that I knew it needed to become a permanent addition to the solid line.

Lightening Bug

Can you remember the summer nights catching lightening bugs? It brings back so many memories.

Welcome to Emerald City

I was trying to add a hint more green to my Vicious Tealicious Wishes and the mix went too green, but I still think its a beautiful color. I love happy accidents.

Aqua Luna

I had a request for a florescent aqua color. This is the result of that playing around.

Police Box

I'm a geek, I acknowledge this fact proudly. This is the first of many geek lines to come.

Vicious Tealicious Wishes

Teal is my absolute favorite could I not have this color in the cast?

Midwest Wheat

This is the product of working on trying to achieve the perfect yellow. This rich tone is sure to please anyone.

Moonstrike Carnation

I made this colorway because my friend Tiffany requested a vibrant purple yarn. Once it was dyed, I needed a name and scoured the internet for inspiration. I saw this flower, and as I apparently had a theme of flowers going, this just made sense.

The Mysteries of Mrs. Wisteria

This color was designed for me. I wanted a purple that wasn't over the top in your face, but still quite beautiful. This is for my sunset highway sweater.

Midnight Train to Georgia

Rich steely blue tones that remind you of the deep dark night sky.


Don't you just love saying the name boysenberry?

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