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About A Twisted Little Fiber Co

Past, Present and Future

I had always been interested in learning to crochet. I grew up with handmade blankets on my mother's couch that were wedding gifts. I always thought there were such nice gifts. Sadly, I didn't know anyone that could teach me, and YouTube just wasn't a think way back when, lol. It wasn't until I was a freshman in college that my grandmother had a neighbor that could teach me. We spent a few minutes time, she taught me how to do single crochet and double crochet and then let me borrow her book.

The first thing I wanted to make was a shawl for my grandmother, she was always cold because she was on blood thinners. I made it, but it was a little too short. Sadly, before I could make the changes, she passed. I put down crocheting for years, too sad to pick it back up. Then, I started working in the corporate world and a coworker was making a baby blanket for a friend. She convinced me to pick it back up again. It was like riding back, the muscle memory was still there and I was shocked!

Then several years later I became pregnant and wanted to make knitted things for my baby and taught myself to knit. Since then, I've also learned to sew as well.

Now, here I am dying yarn and it's so fantastic! I love it. It's such a joy for me.

My future goals are to become so popular that I can have a presence in some of the local yarn shops. With your help and support, I know that will be possible very soon! Thank you.

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